Making Books

This is, roughly, the work process when I make books. Good coffee and Spotify Premium are needed. The process is as follows:

First, I throw ideas on a sketchbook (the strength and elegance of the Moleskine is, for now, insurmountable). There comes a point where there are so many ideas that no longer understand anything and I start to mess me up. It is the phase of overdose ideas.

As a result of the overdose of ideas I step a creative crisis. I begin to think that the idea of the book is shit, I'm a sham and that I wish to devote to any other profession.
When the crisis passes me I start to rearrange ideas with a autofascista system: I remove because. The genocide of ideas phase. Those who survive begin polishing process.
Those ideas and a little more consistent (as they are consistent with each other and worth me) begin to materialize on paper. Each page has an idea. Hang them on a wall for all to have a complete view of the entire book. By order paging. And so they remain throughout the process, although they are changing order.