Ilustracion de un bar en Ibiza

10 wonderful illustrated bars

If there is something I like in this world is wasting my time in a bar, not because I'm an alcoholic. What I like about bars is that feeling of being on vacation.
For the price of a coffee you can have a helpful waiter, a table to read quietly and, if you are bored with the news of the day (easy thing), you can entertain yourself with the show that usually offers the clientele.
Although, what I usually do is to write ideas on a notebook (creating new business is one of my hobbies).

Compiling old drawings(and not so old) I have noticed that I have something more than 10 bars illustrated. All of them special for me, and I have written a little of each one. Here we go:

1 - RACÓ VERD, Sant Josep, Ibiza

This bar located in the town of Sant Josep (Ibiza) is a pleasant and quiet place to have breakfast and lunch, it is also even better to have a few cocktails, eat, dine, have lunch ...
From time to time they schedule live music. The best, without a doubt, is the wonderful terrace. I included them in the Ibiza book waiting for some favor in return ... they invited me to a coffee.

2 - LA OLIVA, Dalt Vila, Ibiza

This restaurant actually I didn´t try it. One day I was drawing at the end of this street and the chef approached me, he liked my drawing. A few minutes later the owner came and order me this drawing.

3 - CAN JORDI, Sant Josep, Ibiza

In this bar, which is also a grocery store, I use to came here with my father when I was a child. There are and interesting mix  of customers: bricklayers, teachers, artists, musicians, waiters ...
It is in the top 3 of Ibiza's best to take a good coffee.

4 - BAR BERNAT VINYA, Sant Josep, Ibiza

One of the oldest bars in Ibiza.

5 - LA MALABAR, Oliva, Valencia

This was (and still is) the bar that I had with my brother. Here we organized live music, we became entrepreneurs for the first time, we got drunk, we got ruined and we got rich again ... Well, it was a dream come true. Then I came to the conclusion that I had to decide between drawing and the bar. And drawing won.

6 - PLACEBO, Playa de Oliva, Valencia

This is one of the first places I went to dinner with my partner. It is a few meters from the beach, a quiet beach with fine sand and beautiful dunes.

7 - BAR EL KIOSKO, Barrio de El Carme, Valencia

At this bar I actually only came once. It was 2 years ago, I think, I came to Valencia because I wanted to make an illustrated guide of the city. I went around El Carmen, I drew the Central Market, I took some photos and I ended up here to take a Red Bull and do this drawing. Then I do not know what happened that the guide was canceled and I started with other things.

8. SILVER STAR, Pokhara, Nepal

In this bar I had very good times in Nepal. One of the "Punchs" of this place are those huge tires converted into seats. 

9. LAS DALIAS, Ibiza

This is one of those bars that means a lot to me. Three summers ago I came to Ibiza to sell my drawings and books in Hippie Markets and Las Dalias is the best on the island. Before setting up my stand I like to come half an hour earlier and have a coffee in the bar.

10. PANORAMIX, Pokhara, Nepal

Here I spent some afternoons playing chess with the boy in the picture. The place was very nice.

And that´s it.
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