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Now with 75% more passion

*I´m not a native english speaker so sorry for the grammar mistakes.


The other day I heard Berri Txarrak (a basque country music band) say that "passion is the minimum required" and... fuck... they are totally right, we must put passion and enthusiasm to each of the things we do.
The newsletters that I have been sending until now are a bad example of doing things with Punch. That's why TODAY begins a new Age of SPAAM! The newsletters of Bernat Moreno, now with 75% more passion.


What I bring to you today is the backstage of some of the images that appear in the book of IBIZA!
It is something that I always miss when I go to a museum, that the author tells things about his works, but not metaphysical shits but real things, internal histories, anecdotes, salsa, passion, fuck, PASSION!

I have chosen some of the less "powerful" images of the book. Don't know why ...

▽ Let´s go ▽

⬆ The coffee on the left is from a bar we used to go to after going to church when I was a kid. My parents were hippies but for some reason that I don´t know on Sundays they went to church. Years later I went back to that bar and the terrace is still wonderful. 
The coffee in the middle is from El Rincon de Es Codolar, a shop-bar run by very nice Italians. They serve VERY good coffee. The fact is that one of the workers told me something that blow my mind: the trick of a good coffee is the water, they use good mineral water instead of the tap, as many others do (tap water in Ibiza is shit). 
The coffee on the right is from a bar that I think has changed its name and owners about 35 times in 5 years.

⬆ I parked the motorcycle on the side of the road, sat on it and drew this picture. I do not remember very well why I decided that this image was worth it for the book but if I had to choose  one I think it would be this one. Is using painted stones to mark roads the most beautiful thing in the world? I think so. It is primitive, artistic and ecological.


⬆ Just when I published the book, the newspaper on the right went out of business. So this page was useless and outdated from the very first day. 
I proposed to Diario de Ibiza (the one on the left) to make a mini-section where I would be showing some illustrations from Ibiza with some short texts, it seemed to me that many readers would find it funny to see pictures of their island in a newspaper. They hated that idea.

⬆ I did this drawing a few months after publishing the book. I stopped for a coffee at the bar that had these views and as it took me a couple of hours to finish it and I was ashamed to spend so much time occupying the table I ended up taking 2 or 3 more coffees. I made prints with this illustration and it became my best seller, with a lot of difference.

End of the Backstage.


I am going to close my online store most of the time. It will be opened only some Sundays. This way I will be able to manage all the shipments at the same time and that your orders go faster. TODAY will remain open, tomorrow don´t:


In this new Age of my newsletters with a 75% more passion, I have decided to offer more variety. I'm going to recommend some things that I liked. Things that other creators do and that I think are worth sharing:

"This is America" de Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino.
Surely you already know this song. I have argued with my friends because I say that what TRULY freaks me out is the dancing. For my friends to say that is to stay on the surface, it means to discredit the message of complaing about American society (I mean United States society not all American society). The music is also very good.
The video:

Actually I think they are two, Pol & Coe. I really like the freshness of their painting with flat colors and quickly drawings. It is worthwhile to see their works from time to time through the Facebook timeline (they write in spanish):

 "The Future of Journalism Is Up to You".
I´ve readed a spanish article talking about this article so I suppose it is a good.

AN INFLUENCER: Wait but why.
His blog posts are very long, always surprising and unique.

That´s it.
Have you noticed that 75% more passion?