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Dalt Vila Ibiza. Dibujo

Dalt Vila

Old drawing - Dalt Vila. Ibiza
6 hours of hard work

Ibiza old town, called Dalt Vila (literally "Upper Town"), located on a little mountain by the sea. 

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Monkey Temple - Patan - Bernat Moreno

Nepal delay


Some months have died (?! - here I wanted to say something like "Long time") since the Kickstarter campaign for the book about Nepal finished. Succesfully finished.
The travel is done, the sketches are done... but... the things are going slower than I thought.


This book is going to be much more detailed (I mean the style of the drawing) than the last ones (my book about Ibiza was really sketchy) so the time goes really fast when I´m drawing but my drawings goes really slow.


So... I need some more time to finish the book.


The new plan is to have the book finished by the end of July and ready to ship 2 or 3 weeks after. This is the new plan.

I´m so sorry for this change but I´m prety sure the result will be worth it.

Un saludo!

Goodbye Nepal!


I just finished my travel around Nepal and I´ve come back to my studio. I´m ready to start the hardest part of the project: finishing the book :)

I´ll post new updates with new pics of the project (mostly sketches) in the next days.

Thank you very much for your support, the travel has been one of the best experiences I´ve enjoyed in my life.

Greetings from Oliva Beach, Spain.

First days in Nepal

5th day in Nepal.

I travelled to Nepal 8 years ago but I just stayed in Pokhara for a few, days so everything is a kind of new and intense for me. Crazy is the word . I have spent the 3 first days in the tourist neighborhood of Thamel as a first contact with the country. The cultural shock has been strong the two first days. The rest of the days as well.
Thank you, Backers!

We Hit the Goal!!!

We´ve reached the funding goal of NEPAL! The Art Book.
Boceto de la guía Lonely Planet de Nepal

The 15 best experiences

On last December I launched a crowdfunding campaign (you probably already know it) to make an Art Book about Nepal. The project is still active and, while the project ends, I´m preparing the trip.

One of the preparations is the documentation phase, in this case, reading the Nepal Lonely Planet book. Opening the guide you can see "The 15 best experiences", which is a little shitty because it really means: these 15 things are really cool, all others are not so cool. But it´s very useful.

1. Durbar Square, Kathmandu. I'm not sure how it looks after the earthquake. I´ll know it there.

2. Trek to Everest Base Camp. One of the main reasons why many people travel to Nepal. Although I am in very bad shape I guess I'll do some trekking but I know, absolutely certain, that will not raise the Everest.
Guardas libro Nepal

The origin of NEPAL!

Attention: I´m a spanishman on internet and my english is not perfect. You can help me to improve it by posting a comment.

I spent the last summer in Ibiza, as I´m doing since I published the book IBIZA! (The exclamation point is because the book is named like this, it has not been a sudden burst of euphoria). One of those days I went to eat with my father, who co-founded an NGO in Nepal with some friends on the island. In part because of the NGO and partly because he likes Nepal, he spent long periods per year in that country. During the meal the idea of going to visit a few weeks emerged. I liked the idea and I agreed.

Once I was layed on the beach (lie, I was working), I started thinking about how would be the country after the earthquake of April and I was feeling disappointed about the trip. I don´t have many opportunities to make long travel and visit a devastated country is not one of my favourites plans.

I began to rethink about the idea of going to Nepal to make tourism. And I mentioned this to one of the other founders of the NGO. And then came the shock. He said: yes, the earthquake was a disaster but the country remained a destination just as wonderful as before. In fact, one of the major problems at the time is the collapse of tourism.

It was a shock because I started to wonder what kind of messages I was getting from the media I thought about the wide ability we have to understand the parts as a whole. To think about if a single photograph can reflect the complexity of reality.

After thinking about these things it occurred to me the idea for my next book about the greatness of Nepal as a tourist destination even after the earthquake. The name was NEPAL! Still Rocks, but in the end I left it in a simple NEPAL! The Art Book, I'm not sure why.

And here is the crowdfunding campaign:

Launch of the crowdfunding campaign

I start this blog about Nepal by announcing the launch of the campaign in the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Through it you can reserve your book until the end of January 2016.
It will be a limited edition for the patrons of the project.

The project:

New Book

My last book has been funded on Kickstarter. Stay up to date at my blog

Making Books

This is, roughly, the work process when I make books. Good coffee and Spotify Premium are needed. The process is as follows:

First, I throw ideas on a sketchbook (the strength and elegance of the Moleskine is, for now, insurmountable). There comes a point where there are so many ideas that no longer understand anything and I start to mess me up. It is the phase of overdose ideas.

As a result of the overdose of ideas I step a creative crisis. I begin to think that the idea of the book is shit, I'm a sham and that I wish to devote to any other profession.
When the crisis passes me I start to rearrange ideas with a autofascista system: I remove because. The genocide of ideas phase. Those who survive begin polishing process.
Those ideas and a little more consistent (as they are consistent with each other and worth me) begin to materialize on paper. Each page has an idea. Hang them on a wall for all to have a complete view of the entire book. By order paging. And so they remain throughout the process, although they are changing order.
Cala Salada, Ibiza

Cala Salada

Cala Salada, in the town of Sant Antoni de Portmany, is one of the best beaches in Ibiza (also by this reason is always too crowded).