Monkey Temple - Patan - Bernat Moreno

Nepal delay


Some months have died (?! - here I wanted to say something like "Long time") since the Kickstarter campaign for the book about Nepal finished. Succesfully finished.
The travel is done, the sketches are done... but... the things are going slower than I thought.


This book is going to be much more detailed (I mean the style of the drawing) than the last ones (my book about Ibiza was really sketchy) so the time goes really fast when I´m drawing but my drawings goes really slow.


So... I need some more time to finish the book.


The new plan is to have the book finished by the end of July and ready to ship 2 or 3 weeks after. This is the new plan.

I´m so sorry for this change but I´m prety sure the result will be worth it.

Un saludo!