Damn Whales


Hey... How you doing?

I´m writing this newsletter - as always - from my small studio in Platja d´Oliva ("Oliva beach" in catalan), a Mediterranean town located at the south of València.
Last month I saw several images of whales and birds found with many kilos of plastic in their guts and I´m still shocked.
The climate change was something abstract and gradual, difficult to digest in all its fullness but these images are clear, extremely real. They leave no space for doubt or time for reflection. We have to declare war on plastic right now.

Because without nature we are nothing. And now I was going to write a very pessimistic text saying that the planet this and blah, blah ... I save you the moral and I´ll introduce you some of my drawings where is present, in one way or another, the Pachamama (Plante Earth). 


Well, we're already in the backstage. This time, as I just said a few lines above, I'm going to talk about some of my drawings in which there were animals, plants or something related to NATURE.

▽ LET´S GO! ▽


▲ This drawing appeared in my book of Oliva and it was based on a photo I took a while ago in a completely casual way. The mobylette driven by old man and going to work to the orchard were a very endearing image of Valencia. The funny thing is that, once I finished the drawing, and not before, I realized that they looked very much like my grandfather and my dog - already in heaven (?!) - so I put the areoles as a tribute. Loving a grandfather is not something extraordinary but loving a dog ... damn, those bastards are adorable.

▲ What an image of peace. Two placid monkeys worming each other in the Monkey temple at Kathmandu. What a pretty picture, right? Well, no, they're gangsters, they're bastards. Minutes after this image they were trying to rob us. They are bad people. Do not trust them.

(It appeared in the book of Nepal)

▲ This is the surroundings of Lumbini, supposed birthplace of Buddha (see Nepal). There is a huge park with Buddhist temples of various nationalities (Japan, Vietnam, China ...). So big that I rented a bike to go from one temple to another and so boring that the best was, without any doubt, the surroundings. Rice fields, oxen, trees, birds and silence.


.... End of the backstage ... 




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For the bonus track of today I´m bringing to you "mandanga de la buena" ("something really good" in spanish slang) related to the Pachamama.

A twitter account
Nature is scary
I think in Europe we usually see nature as something beautiful and childish. The lack of dangerous animals have shaped a very kind vision of the Pachamama. That´s why this twitter account is terrific > Nature is scary en twitter

The opposite:
 Comedy Wildlife Photography
This people do the opposite, they show us the fun side of nature (I could spend two hours in a row looking at this picture) > www.comedywildlifephoto.com

An invention: The canary resuscitator
In the past, canaries were used in mines to detect possible leaks of toxic gases. If the canary started to faint, the miners had to run. Someone had the great idea of making this thing to save the poor canaries and, fuck, how beautiful gesture > The canary resuscitator

A song: El Bosque (the forest)
Niño Cohete is a enormous Chilean band dissolved in the year 2017 (fuck!). In some of his songs there are many references to nature. The forest was the first song I heard from them and it's very TOP > The videoclip

A picture:  The eagle, the fox and the rabbit
Kevin Ebi became quite viral with this photo in which an eagle steals the a rabbit to a fox. There is also a video and sequence of photos > The video - The  sequence

An artist Andy Goldsworthy
I found this guy just googling "Eco Artist". With materials found in nature he makes minimalist pieces, very colorful and impressive. >  A sample of his work


And that´s all for today.
Declare the PLASTIC WAR!