Montduber – Extendable wooden round table

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    Extending round wooden table.
    Handmade on request.


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    Montduber – Extendable wooden round table

    Extendable round wooden table. 100% pine wood.

    – The table weighs quite a lot which gives it great stability.
    – It is 4 or 5 seats and can be extended to turn it into a table of about 7 or 8 seats.
    – The design of the legs allows that there are no uncomfortable places (the typical thing that you have to have a leg between the legs does not happen with this table.
    – The wood used is pine, 100% pine. The best wood in the world. The most honest. The one with the most flow.
    – The upper part is made with small pieces of wood that are assembled with each other.

    It is a surprisingly subtle table, so any type of house is doing well. Perhaps its natural environment is in Mediterranean or Nordic environments but there everyone who combines it as they want.

    This table does not have chairs designed specifically for her, in the photo (which is my house) I used some of Ikea.

    Here I had to put a little more padding text and then put another image of the table under construction.


    Aquí he tenido que poner un poco más de texto de relleno para después poner otra imagen de la mesa en construcción.


    Esta primera mesa, la versión beta, fue realizada con la madera sobrante que me quedó tras fabricar los muebles de mi casa.

    1 review for Montduber – Extendable wooden round table

    1. Mari Carmen

      Aesthetically it is very pretty and quite robust, especially the legs do not bother nor do you have to step on them to make use of it.
      *Translated from a Spanish review.

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