SAMARUC – Wooden coffee table with flowerpot

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  • Wooden coffee table with flower pot Nature Flow Integration. Handmade on request.


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    SAMARUC – Wooden coffee table with flowerpot

    Samaruc is a coffee table that I made for the floor where I live with my wife. The initial idea was to make it simple, fresh, practical and comfortable.
    The paper design, which was four scribbles, gave me a pretty clear idea of the result that I would end up having but while doing it I realized that the legs were too inward. It was a whore because I didn’t want to relocate them again. It was a very fat whore. But a light bulb went on (which had been melted for quite some time) and I thought of incorporating a kind of pot between the front legs and the edge of the lower plank. The idea flipped me and this is the first prototype of the Mesa Samaruc (which is a small fish that lives in the waters of the Riu Bullent in Oliva, Valencia).


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