Chicken (Gallus Gallus Domesticus) Fine Art Print

Made by Marroiak

Print with the drawing of a hen (Gallus gallus domesticus) that I found in a hostel in Ilam (Nepal).

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Worldwide shippings from Valencia (Spain).
Printing technique

Illustration printed with pigmented inks on Fine Art paper


canson infinity edition etching rag 310

Made in: 2016
Technique: Ink on paper
Colection: Cultura Natura

ABOUT THE HENS. Chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) are a domestic subspecies originating in Southeast Asia of the Gallus Gallus species. Its distribution is global. It is also the most numerous bird on the planet with some 16,000 million specimens (I do not know if very well documented estimates). We can find it in supermarkets, fast and slow food “restaurants”, on farms, in public parks in Utrecht and many other places. Most chickens live very tightly and without seeing sunlight from the time they hatch. Its explosive success as a large species has come at a dramatic cost. Fighting for a better of their living conditions is essential.

They live between 5 and 10 years. Males and females have different social structures.

“Chickens, like many birds, tend to attack other chickens that show symptoms of disease. If they see the color red due to an injury to another chicken, the others will not stop pecking it, causing serious damage.”

About the prints

Premium materials.

Both the texture and color of the paper as well as the quality of the inks provide the feeling of a high quality reproduction. 100% cotton Canson® infinity edition etching rag 310 paper. Matte white color. Acid free. Epson WF-7210 Printer

From the workshop to your home.

All the prints are printed and shipped individually in an artisanal way from my studio located in Gandía (Valencia)and they are delivered signed.


Shipping worldwide from Valencia, Spain. The sheets are shipped with a rigid cardboard to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition and are wrapped with waterproof paper. Larger sizes (L and XL) are shipped rolled inside a cardboard tube.
Made in Valencia, Spain.


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