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OLIVA, The illustrated guide to Oliva (Valencia)

Made by Marroiak

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The illustrated guide to Oliva, is a quiet and charming walk through some of the most memorable places in the Valencian municipality of Oliva.

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Castellano, inglés y valenciano



Made in: 2017

The illustrated guide to Oliva (Valencia) is a quiet and charming visual walk through this charismatic Valencian town bathed by the Mediterranean. The book proposes a guided tour of some of the most emblematic and seductive places and is structured as follows: town, beach, mountain, Marjal, countryside and surroundings.

Technical data:

Hardcover – 120 pages – Full color.
Languages: Spanish, Valencian and English (Together but not scrambled).
Size: 21 x 13 cm (It is small, like good things).
First edition 2018 – 500 copies.
Author: Marroiak (Bernat Moreno).

This travel notebook, which follows the Urban Sketchers essence, was made with ink and watercolors on paper (what a curiosity shit, really).
My grandfather appears in a mobilette next to Golfo, who is sitting behind. Golfo was a dog that accompanied me for fewer years than they should have been.
I had several artistic crises while he was doing it. Especially when I started to color it. On the other hand, the same thing has always happened to me in all the books.

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Este libro fue financiado en el año 2017 gracias 132 mecenas que apoyaron la campaña de crowdfunding realizada a través de la plataforma Kickstarter.

Aina, Alejandra Cuesta, Alejandro Andrés, Alejandro López, Alicia Fernandez de la Fuente, André Kishimoto, Andrés Gascón, Andy (ANRU), Ange, Anna Loreiros, Antonio García, Bart Raven, Benjamin, Benno Herzog, Carla Perez, Carmen Quereda, Carmina Castelló, Chloe, Cristina, David Cremades, David Fuster, David Platero, Edward Ryan, Ele ce, Elia Fernandez, Elsa Albuja, Enrique, Esmeralda, Esther, Esther Cardona, Ester Pinto, Eva Torregrosa, Eurocamping, Fernando Navarro, Ferran Fuster, Fiona King, Francesc Codina, Gregorio Galan, Guillermo Perez, Guillermo Savall, Ingrid Peiró, Inma, Ion Lera, Isabel Ruzafa, Irene, Jaime Climent y Cristina Banyuls, Jason Van-Haeften, Javier, Javier Mendoza, Javier Ochoa, Jess, Joaquin Cogollos, John Russell, Joan, Joan Pons, José Moreno, José Mestre, Josep (El Pedal), Josep Escrivà, Josep Torres, Jill Swain, Josep y Elia, Juan Diego MB, Jule Fischer, Julen Gerrikabeitia, Kike Sanchis, Luis Nuñez de Castro, Maria Astrid, María Cardona, Maria Colomina, Maria Jose, Maria Jose Rubio, María Tomás, Marta Marín, Manu Perez, Manuel Weilguny, Marina, Mario Martínez, Marisa, Mateo Berton, M. Carmen Gomez, Michael, Miguel Angel Cañamas, Miguel Angel Baeta, Miguel Berbegall, Miguel Frasquet, Miquel Sanchis,  Mónica, Mònica Signes, Nerea Torres, Noé Martí,  Noel Sánchez, Nuño Pereira, Oliver Rennie, Pablo J. Bermejo de Miguel, Llibreria Pàgina 3, Paloma Iglesias, Patricia Ruzafa, Pau,  Paul & Catherine Charlier, Paula Porta, Pedro Ferrer, Pedro Sanchez, Pere, Pere Devesa, Pilar, Piti, Rafael Alemany, Ramón Bañuls, Raquel Perez, Rosa Martinez, Salvador Pascual, Sara,  Sarah Franklin, Serafín Moreno, Stéphanie,  Susanna A., Teoh (Parka Blogs), Tere i Ricardo, Teresa Perez, Thatraja, Tian, Valenti Acconcia (Vannaco) Vicent Gracia, Vicent Llorca, Xavi Siscar & Sonia, Xelo C., Xelo Llorca, Xelo Sabater, Ximo y Esperanza, Yulia Nowak, Yvonne Carpenter, Zoltan Enevold…

3 reviews for OLIVA, The illustrated guide to Oliva (Valencia)

  1. Jan

  2. aims1515

    Such a lovely item and my parents absolutely love it as they live in Oliva! Really well made and cute pockets of info too! Will definitely be buying something again soon, I love the Oliva beach print too so it’s next on my list! Thank you ☺️☺️

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  3. jonell08

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