La Mandanga

Llama (Lama Glama)

Made by Marroiak

Drawing of a llama (Lama Glama), domestic mammal of the Andes (Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina and Colombia). They were used during the Inca empire as pack animals as well as a source of meat and wool.

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(S) A5 – 15x21cm, (M) A4 – 21x29cm, (L) A3 – 29x42cm

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The llama (Lama Glama) is an artiodactyl mammal from the Andes (South America). It was domesticated through artificial selection starting from Guanaco probably during the Inca empire. It is used as a pack animal as well as a source of meat and wool.

The llama is considered the South American relative of the camel and although they are complacent and used to working with men, they are not without a strong character, refusing to carry loads if they are too heavy. “He often lies down on the ground and spits, whistles, and kicks his owner until the weight lightens.”

The height is approximately that of an adult person.



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