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A new session

In this new recording of Marroiak Sessions I have prepared a menu of purely electronic music that it is perfect to join in this first winter cold.
The tone is quite abstract and synthetic. The first track lasts about 20 minutes, signed by the great Vladislav Delay, and I imagine that it can become unbearable for almost everyone.


Fotografía en color de un graffiti con un diseño gráfico espectacular. Puerta de un negocio en Ilam, Nepal. Arte Posted on Leave a comment

An example of GOOD graphic design

This is the kind of graphic design that deserves to be encouraged: handmade, simple, without special effects.
A humble but sincere image.
I like the background color (masterful), the play of sizes with the letters (a genius) and the ultra simplicity (hurray and bravo). Everything in this example is perfect.

The photography is from the Ilam region, east of Nepal.

But if the previous artist of the graphic design was a genius what is coming now is almost a manifestation of God:

Un ejemplo de diseño gráfico magistral. Estrella nepal, asia

Here the artist got a little more creative, the texts have a shadow, includes a star and a game with the curves in the main text BUT, although all that is very good, the quality that makes this design make the soul vibrate any person with a minimum of poetic sensitivity is color: the combination of THAT yellow with THAT red and THAT exactly blue is an explosion of ART, with capital letters.

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Video of the complete process of an illustration

Last week I finished the assembling of a DIY THING that basically serves to put the mobile and record the process of drawing.
In this first video I recorded the complete process of an illustration in ink and watercolor of Carrer del Micalet, a street in Valencia city.

PS: The THING is very punk, very DIY but very beautiful (in its own way). Someday I´ll post some picture.

Dibujo de una calle de la ciudad de Valencia realizada en tinta china sobre papel. Posted on Leave a comment

València vs India

I was drawing this drawing of Pintor Sorolla Street in the city of Valencia while listening to Miguel Noguera’s “Infrashow” podcast, a strangely recommended podcast (in Spanish).

In the reference photo it was a taxi in the middle of the street and I found it interesting to change it for a cow and thus be able to get an idea of what the city of Valencia would look like if we allowed the free movement of animals, as in India.

Conclusion: Yes to cows in cities.