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Marroiak is a multidisciplinary artist with an Afro-Spanish origin and a Mediterranean flavor. It can be found naturally in the Valencian region of La Safor. Go to the bio

Portada guía ilustrada de Ibiza

Books & Zines

Marroiak has published 3 books and a half. Two of them have been a success of criticism and sales and the two others have been an absolute commercial disaster, even for the low of their expectations. He has also produced a couple of sketchbooks or fanzines.

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Ilustration & Drawings

Mister Marroiak usually works drawing and color in the old way: using inks, watercolors and paper. Materials from the past century that stain and occupy space, but above all they do not allow the Ctrl-z.

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Diseño de mapa de la Marjal Oliva-Pego


If we talk about design the thing becomes capitalized. The great, the HUGE, artist Marroiak covers a wide range of projects, from graphic design to web development (yes, he also knows how to program .html, css, mysql and php. Sometimes he even knows how to cut and paste javascript). Go to Design section


For the artist we are talking about, the beauty of photography is the little work it does. You press a little button and PAM, you already have an image. Go to Photography Section


Having still all the fingers of the hand intact is perhaps the greatest achievement of Marroiak in the elaboration of wooden furniture. Its furniture exudes simple lines and sensitivity in torrents. You should buy some. Go to Furniture Section


The Marroiak t-shirt collection is as small as it is unforgettable. Designs for the man and the woman of the 21st century. Go to Tshirts section

The Creative newsletter

A tasty coffee and a nice morning reading, that’s how I imagine starting a good Sunday and that’s how these creative newsletters called Coffee Sundays should be read.

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More Stuff & News

At the blog you will find more news of this absolute fraud that we have been talking about for a while. He calls himself an artist! Shameful.
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