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Art, crafts and a bit of chaos ™

Marroiak is a multidisciplinary Afro-Spanish artist located on the Mediterranean coast of Valencia. Go to bio

Books & zines

I have published about 3 and a half books. Two of them I can say have been a success and the other one and a half can say that they have been the opposite. I’ve also made a couple of sketchbooks or fanzines.

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I usually work the old way, with inks and watercolors, paper … those vintage things that stain and take up space. Although sometimes, if the project requires it, I also fight with photoshop and other technological tools.

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Within design I mean a wide range of projects, from the creation of brochures to the development of web pages (yes, I also know how to program in html, css, mysql and php.) Sometimes even a little, very, very little, of javascript).

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The beauty of photography is the little work it gives. You press a little button and PAM, you already have an image.

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Working with wood is a pleasure. When I have some time and my house needs some furniture I try to be the one to do it. That has allowed me to do some things like this wonderful table made with recycled material.

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I still have few in the collection but the idea is to expand it little by little

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More Shit

Apart from these things I also have others that you can see in this section, which I call Project Warehouse.